Wire erosion machines

A wire erosion machine cuts a programmed contour into a workpiece with the help of a metal wire (electrode). In the working area, every discharge removes a small amount of material from the workpiece and causes a little wear on the wire. Conical workpieces can be created by tilting the wire, and it is even possible to create profiles with different top and bottom faces. The wire is usually made of stratified copper or brass. Eroding is one of the most precise methods of manufacturing lamination stacks.


We currently have 3 wire erosion machines (2 x Agie Charmilles CUT 300 SP, plus 1 x Agie Charmilles CUT P550) which are also suitable for unmanned operation. A 4th machine will be delivered to us this summer. We work with GF for all our eroding machines.

Technical data

  • Type of process: wire erosion in a water bath
  • Working area: 550mm x 350mm x 400mm
  • Integral collision protection (ICP)
  • Diameter of wire: 0.15mm - 0.33mm (depending on size of workpiece)
  • Surfaces of Ra3 to Ra 0.08
  • Precision ± 0.005mm (the level of precision depends on factors such as our customers’ requirements and the geometry of the stack)
  • Revolving axes are either index or servo controlled
  • 3D SETUP for automatic component orientation
  • Optical measuring system (OMS)
  • With Renishaw measurement probes
  • Cylindrical and conical wire erosion to 30° (spec. 45°)