Applying bonding varnish

The demands made upon electric motors continue to increase, and can often only be met by using special materials. This trend has grown significantly over the past few years, and we have therefore developed and installed our own coating facility for bonding varnish. This enables us to coat almost all the different grades of electrical steel sheet, and thus manufacture stacks that are extremely precise and robust. For example, thick end plates made of steel can be directly bonded onto a cobalt iron lamination stack, which removes the need for the weld seams that would otherwise be necessary. This, in turn, has a direct effect on the performance of the motor.



  • Prototypes coated with bonding varnish can be manufactured from whatever material is required
  • Small numbers are also viable (1 item)
  • No long waits for materials with bonding varnish
  • We can carry out practical performance tests on motors produced from cobalt iron



  • High level of process reliability
  • Guaranteed traceability
  • Good repeatability
  • High adhesive strength



Link von Video auf Youtube produced by PB