How do you label your stack, while simultaneously ensuring its traceability? If you label it with a felt-tipped marker pen, the information may be wiped off, while embossing might affect the magnetic properties of the lamination.
We have the solution you require! Using a laser, we can engrave serial or drawing numbers, text, QR codes, logos and much more, efficiently and flexibly, without making any contact or causing any wear. Engraving also has the very important advantage that it only has a minimal effect on the laminations.

The range of the market’s requirements is reflected in the variety of opportunities presented by our laser engraving machine.


We can offer

Engraving involves using a laser beam to remove part of the surface, creating an indentation.

Depending on the material involved, a change in the laser parameters can change the colour of the surface of that material – but the surface does not suffer any damage.

Key data

  • Useful for labelling practically any surface or material
  • Size of title block: 140mm x 140mm
  • Maximum size of component: 680mm x 500mm x 700mm
  • Maximum weight: 25kg
  • Ascending serial numbers, drawing numbers or logos
  • Also for DMC, QR or bar codes, to check with an associated reading device
  • Black engraving, white engraving, temper engraving, deep engraving and a variety of other erosive or abrasive types of engraving