Wire eroding

This technology complements our services and makes them even more comprehensive and flexible. In particular, the options offered by wire erosion can be useful for very small components when we are constructing prototypes. Based on your CAD data, we can manufacture stator or rotor stacks with extremely delicate contours and strict accuracy requirements for you. The machines are arranged in the optimum setup to meet your specific requirements.
We can use wire erosion to process any electrically conductive material, even where that material is very thick. The very thin diameter of the cutting wire also caters for extremely narrow cut widths and very tight and precise rounded corners, even when the materials are thicker. We can machine contours with sharp edges and fulfil the  strictest of requirements in relation to dimensional integrity and geometric accuracy.


Application areas

Electric motor stacks and tool components


  • Precision
    Ideal for tolerances that push against the limits of laser cutting
  • Openings
    Narrow slot grooves < 0.5mm
  • Tolerances
    Very small lamination stacks with tolerances of < +/-0.01mm
  • Radii
    The wire erosion technique can be used to cut extremely small radii
  • Multiple cuts
    Several thin cores can be stacked on top of each other so that a number of workpieces can be eroded in a single clamping process


  • Ability to cut extremely small slot openings
  • Ability to process any conductive material
  • Extremely good dimensional integrity and geometric accuracy
  • Ability to produce extremely small radii


Differences compared with laser cutting

  • Can be used to manufacture very delicate, thin-walled motor cores since it does not give rise to any processing forces on the component.
  • Any potential short circuits on the stacks can be eliminated by etching retrospectively.
  • Higher tolerance classes are achievable without any reworking.