Bonding varnish

We work with state-of-the-art stacking methods and act as a development partner and hub between varnish manufacturers and electrical steel makers. 

With our measuring machine specially developed to analyse bonding varnish, the relevant parameters of strength, path, temperature and time can be individually adjusted and processes optimized. 

With our support, the properties of bonding varnish are being continually improved and its areas of application constantly expanded. 

Bonding varnish technology meets the highest standards and maximises customer benefit.

An overview of some benefits

  • Maximum stiffness and stability (dynamic, critical speeds of rotation)
  • Maximum stack precision
  • Compact motor elements (robustness, mechanically workable)
  • No vibrations (teeth vibrations caused by converter harmonics)
  • Magnetically symmetric stacks (no disturbing joints)
  • Insulation of individual sheets