Electrical steel from our stock

In order that we can manufacture your parts as quick as possible, we have all required electrical steel grades on stock, manufactured according to DIN EN 10106/10107 (non-grain-oriented and grain-oriented).

Electrical steel meets the following tolerances

  • +/- 8 % of the nominal value of the thickness at 0,35 mm and 0,5 mm
  • +/- 6 % of the nominal value of the thickness at 0,65 mm and 1,0 mm
  • However, these tolerance ranges are not normally fully explited


As a rule, stack height tolerances are determined by the thickness of the sheet (+/- 1 the thickness of one sheet). In order to maintain tighter tolerance ranges, these stacks can be finished at a later stage.

Of course, we will also process electrical steels provided by the customer.